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Amulsar Project and the Rattle over it

“Business & Human Rights Resource Centre” invited “Lydian International”

200,000 Trees and Bushes will be planted by ATP This Autumn

This year “ATP” charity foundation is planning to plant around 200,000 fruit trees, as well as d

Yerevan Mayor’s Response to Alarm Signals on Dried Trees in Park Adjacent to Main Avenue and Vernisazh

Ecolur informs us that Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan assigned to check the authenticity of the alar

“Shaqi” SHPP’s Director Fined

Ecolur informs us that RA Ministry of Environment has fined the director of “Hakobjanyan and Galsy

Ecological Consequences of Constructing Nuclear Power Station in Metsamor Discussed in Geneva

This week a Committee session will be held in Geneva which will supervise “Environmental Impact As

Legislative Reform Package in the Sphere of Mining

Legislative Reform Package in the Sphere of Mining Ecolur informs us the Armenian Government is subm

A Letter to the Armenian Government on the Incompatibility of Jermuk development program and Amulsar project

“EcoLur” Informational NGO has addressed a letter to Armenian government, which says that the go

15 Ha Area Burned Down in “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve

The Department of Information and Public Affairs of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection informs tha

The Serious Results of Teghut Copper Mine

  Pan-Armenian Environmental Front informs us in the Facebook page that serious problems have o

The Closing of Jermuk Resort Houses and the “Political” Amulsar Project informs us that one of the oldest resort houses in Jermuk, ‘Jermuk – Moscow’

U. S. is Offering Energy Revolution to Armenia

In her article in Naira Hayrumyan mentions that oil price reduction does not affect the pr

Losing Sevan, Jermuk: Press Conference at EcoLur Press Club

“EcoLur” environmental, informational NGO informs us that a press conference will be hel

Ecosystem preservation in Climate Change – proposals to the RA Government

The question on what consequences will the expected temperature rise and precipitation decrease  ha

No Additional Water Outlet from Lake Sevan This Year

This year no additional water outlet from Lake Sevan will be conducted, as Yuri Javadyan, Chairman o

Red-Listed Species of Urtsasar are Victims of Travertine Mine

During the round table entitled “Vulnerability of Ecosystems Conditioned with Climate Change” he

Thanks to the Nature and to the Environmentalists!

The RA Minister of Nature Protection held the “World Environment Day” and the “Environment

Subsoil Exploitation at Expense of Agricultural Land Areas

According to “Ecolur” Informational NGO, a press conference was held at “Ecolur” Press Club

Proposals to the RA Government on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Light of Energy Safety

As “Ecolur” NGO informs us, the participants of the round table held in “Ecolur” Press Club,

The State Budget Accesses 3.1 Million AMD in the Result of The Environmental Violations.

According to the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, during the process of inspection visits, admittin

Changes and Additions to The Waste Management Industry of Armenia

On the 14th of May the RA government approved the documentation package “Making Amendments and Sup

EU to Intensify Cooperation on Renewable Energy Sources

The Eurasian Economic Commission invited the EAEU member states to strengthen the cooperation on the

Rainforests Need Protection

Greenpeace informs us about rainforest destructions in Indonesia by palm oil companies. The IOI comp

Indonesian Kills more than 100,000 people

According to a new study, a smog outbreak in Southeast Asia last year may have caused premature 91,6

Not One, but Four Species of Giraffe

“The Guardian” informs us that, according to analysis of DNA evidence, there is enough g

Doñana is in Danger

The Guardian reports that Doñana, a wetland that is a home to 2,000 species of wildlife, is likely

A Red River in Russia

The Guardian reports about the Daldykan river waters in Russia to turn into blood red. World’s big

Japanese Tradition Kills First Dolphins

According to theguardian, on Friday Japanese fishermen killed the first dolphins of the season in th

Divesting from Fossil Fuels and Investing in Low Carbon Solutions

  The Green Business Network calls to take an action to address the climate crisis. Creating cl

Australia Rated “Very Poor” for Action on Climate Change Issues

The guardian reports that Under China’s leadership, this weekend’s G20 deeply analyses climate-r

Save Reef from Climate Change

Serious steps should be taken to save reef from climate change. The Queensland Government should do

Strict Restrictions on Chemicals in Minnesota

According to, Minnesota’s governor has set strict restrictions on the use of agri

A New Study on Air Pollution reports about a new study on air pollution defining it as “the world’s single la

A 60m-year-lineage comes to an end

A trip to Crete, Cyprus or Malta 800 years ago would have been a great chance to meet pygmy elephant

Greenland Ice Sheet is melting

According to, a new study measures the loss of ice from one of world’s largest

Battling Pollution in Rio Starting With the Youth

NBC NEWS informs us about the pollution in the Guanabara Bay which is a home to this year’s Ol

Biodiversity Conservation – a priority in European Policy

According to “Ecolur” Informational NGO, during the Conference on Biodiversity for the Eastern p

Green Pathway Instead of Balcony

In her article about the alternative to a balcony, Liz Eve speaks about wonderful green pathway that


According to Greenpeace International, the current food system is broken. This is because of chemica

The New Cause of Celebrating The Earth Day

Earth Day began in 1970 with the degraded state of the U.S. environment. Since then, there has been

Carbon Tax As The Best Solution to Climate Change

It’s very important nowadays to quickly reduce carbon emissions in order to avoid the climate chan

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