100 Percent Renewable Energy for 300 Days in Costa Rica

World Economic Forum reports Costa Rica is not only a beloved travel destination, but also amazes with its advances in renewable energy. Costa Rica is taking steps towards becoming as environmentally conscious as possible.

The country has been working to grow its forest cover, it has banned single use plastic, and as of now, they’ve run entirely on renewable energy for 300 days.

This, however, isn’t the first time. Back in 2015, they went 299 days, and in 2016 they did slightly less at 271.

This year, Costa Rica’s renewable energy was a mixture between different sources. Hydropower provided 78.26 percent of electricity, wind gave an estimated 10.29 percent, and 10.23 percent came from geothermal energy. Just 0.84 percent came combined from biomass and solar power.

Now the Costa Rican government is planning to be carbon neutral by the year 2021.


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