Armenian-Belarus Cooperation Envisages Forest Construction Works on Up To 50,000

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Miqayel Manukyan, Director of ‘ArmForest’ SNCO of RA Agriculture Ministry, has signed cooperation agreements with “Belgiproles” UE Director Vladimir Radyukevich of Forestry Enterprise of Belarus Republic, Andrei Kozak – General Director, State of Unitary Forest Management Enterprise “Belgosles” and Alexander Zhuravski, Director of ‘Republican Center for Forestry Enterprise Heads and Specialists Qualification Increase’.

Under the agreement signed with “Belgiproles” UE, it’s planned to carry out the following works: construction of forest works up to 10 km, establishing hunting economies, establishing loose-leaved and pinale tree plantations, tree nurseries, establishing dendroparks in forestry enterprises, designing construction of forestry enterprise offices.

Under the agreement signed with “Belgosles” UE, it’s planned to carry out forest construction works in the area up to 50,000 ha involving Armenian specialists for the purpose of establishing a forest construction body in Armenia.

An Armenian-Belarus Friendship park will be established in 2018. Belarus will present Armenia pine trees, which are planned to be planted in the area up to 15 ha in Sevan basin and in Lori Region.

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