Britain Beating Itself in Two-week Coal-free Record

BBC reports about the longest period (two weeks) since the 1880s that Britain has not used coal to generate electricity.

By 2025 the government aims to phase out the UK’s last coal-fired plants to reduce carbon emissions. Fintan Slye, director of the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), said that the introduction of more renewables onto the system leads to progress at a very quick pace.

Before now, the longest period without coal ended on 9 May lasting over a week. Before that, Britain had a coal-free period of 90 hours in April.

Mr Slye said that 2018 was their greenest year so far, but 2019 looks like it has the potential to beat it. During the two-week period, on average gas made up nearly 40% of Britain’s suppliers, nuclear 20%, wind 13% and other sources making up the rest.

On 14 May, Britain generated a quarter of its energy from the sun which was the largest proportion so far.

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