EU to Intensify Cooperation on Renewable Energy Sources

The Eurasian Economic Commission invited the EAEU member states to strengthen the cooperation on the development of renewable energy sources. ”In the future this subject should be one of the main vectors of cooperation among the EAEU Member States,” said the EEC Member of the Board – Minister in charge of energy and infrastructure of Eurasian Economic Commission Adamkul Zhunusov.
In this regard, the Eurasian Economic Commission paid special attention to the Astana initiative and partnership program “Green bridge”, focused on the transition to the green economy at the vast area and in different regions of Europe, Asia and the Pacific ocean. The participants of the program today are the following EAEU member states: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.
On September 14, in Astana the Member of the EEC Board – Minister in charge of energy and infrastructure of the EEC Adamkul Zhunusov participated in the conference devoted to this initiative.
In his welcoming speech, the EEC representative outlined the importance of promoting the integration of states and collaboration of integration associations to develop common decisions on the transition to the green economy, transfer of knowledge, innovations and technologies. ”In the face of the worsening global environment, climate change and reduction of fuel and energy resources the issues of “green” growth, development of renewable energy sources and environmental security are of particular relevance, and integration of energy markets and consistent energy policy of the states contribute to the promotion and development of mechanisms to support renewable energy sources,” the EEC Minister said.

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