Louisiana Residents Against “Death Alley”

According to The Gaurdian, Demonstrators in Louisiana stepped off on a five-day march, demanding environmental justice for a region where chemical factory presents greatest risk of cancer to surrounding community. That risk, 50 times the national average, is almost entirely due to a plant operated by the Japanese manufacturer Denka. The plant is also the only place in America to manufacture the synthetic rubber neoprene, which is composed of the polymer chloroprene.
Activist and resident Robert Taylor who has been organizing lowering the plant’s emissions
since 2016 demanded the plant be shut down. Dozens joined Taylor in southern Louisiana
calling themselves the “coalition against death alley”.
The protestors demand that all healthcare costs related to toxic pollution be covered, ban
industrial emissions within five miles of public areas.
In 2017 Denka entered into a voluntary agreement with Louisiana’s state environment agency to
reduce emissions by 85%. However, according to the state agency, the company had not yet
reduced its emissions to the mentioned level.


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