“Lydian Armenia” doubts the Credibility of Jermuk Petition

Armenian Environmental Front informs that on May 2, 2019, “Lydian Armenia” CJSC shared on its official Facebook page an announcement with the following title; “Distorted facts in the petition of Jermuk citizens”. According to AEF, the mentioned announcement is manipulative, as it arises a reasonable doubt to believe that there has been an illegal leak of personal information of the RA citizens.

During the autumn of 2018 a large  petition, titled “Recognizing the community of Areni as an eco-economic territory and forbidding metal mining in the community”, was initiated and signed by almost 3000 residents.

According to the law, the petition cannot be published unless all the signatories give their official consent.  In this case not all the members gave their approval, as the petition contains personal data. Therefore, the transfer of the data to a third party is considered illegal.

If Lydian Armenia’s announcement is not based on false data, it becomes obvious that the personal data of the signatories are now in the hands of a private company, which has personal interest in the case. AEF raises a simple question: how Lydian Armenia possesses such information and whether they have obtained the confidential information legally.

AEF kindly asks the RA law enforcement bodies to observe this announcement as report on alleged crime.





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