Notre Dame as an Eco-Cathedral?

Euronews reports that after the world has mourned the devastating loss of Paris’ beloved Notre Dame, there have been flaming debates over how best to restore the ancient cathedral, with proposals coming from architects all over the world.

One Parisian architectural firm is proposing to turn Notre Dame into a modernized, eco-cathedral with a solar powered roof and urban farm. There is no perhaps no better way to commemorate the loss than by transforming the remains into something sustainable that will benefit the environment.

The project is called Palingenesis, meaning ‘regeneration’ in Greek and would involve the construction of a strong oak frame and carbon fiber slats minimizing the amount of construction materials and maximizing space for light to shine through the solar glass roof.

The ‘photovoltaic crystals’ in the roof containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen would absorb light and transform it into power to be stored in hydrogen fuel cells. The new Notre Dame Cathedral, hence, would produce more energy than it consumes.


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