Rally for Amulsar

In the event opened in Facebook, Armenian Environmental Front invites to join a rally  at 16:00 on 11 May 2019 on the square called “Stop for Taxis” in Ajapnyak, Jermuk Town, a big rally for the sake of Amulsar. Before the launch of the rally, a symbolic car march will start at 09:30 from Jermuk town heading towards the residential areas in Arpa Gorge up to Areni – at 13:00 the car march will head for Jermuk Town from Areni village. Those who want to join this protest demonstration from Yerevan and other residential areas can join the car march at 12:30 from Areni.

The residents of Jermuk have  stopped the mining project in Amulsar for almost 11 months (starting from June 22). Nearly a year later people fight for preserving whatever they have reached months ago.

Car owners are encouraged to join with their cars and inform how many vacant places they have to take other people. People on the bus shall reserve their seats calling  091309574, 095309574 or 093402849 or writing at +armecofront@gmail.com.

The rally and car march are peaceful.

Making hand-made posters and informing friends and relatives are encouraged. Those who want to join are advised to takes water, food, means to protect themselves from the sun and a hat.

Link to FB event in Jermuk: https://web.facebook.com/events/620583578353958/

Link to FB event in Yerevan: https://web.facebook.com/events/2346690982231145/



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