The Ministry of Emergency Situations Urges

Due to the sharp increase in temperature in the country, the danger of fire emergence and spread increases in the forest and adjacent vegetation areas. The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges:

  • Do not throw burning matches and the remainder of the cigarette
  • Do not burn dry grass and household waste
  • Do not burn bonfires. When needed, it can be done in open areas, surrounding the bonfire with a layer of not less than 0.5 meters of wet sand, and then finish the fire with water or cover it with sand.
  • Do not leave bottles or glass. They can become burning lenses.
  • Do not drive in the forest areas with malfunctioning cars.
  • Do not leave or throw cloths absorbed with lubricants, petrol, kerosene and other flammable liquids (except for specially allocated places).

Ministry of Emergency Situations urges to keep fire safety rules, do not create fire situations, show more cautiousness and vigilance.

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