Tips to Drive with Less Emissions and Costs

Driver Training Consultant for the Energy Saving Trust Bob Saynor’s work includes assisting drivers to understand the principle of “Ecodriving”. “Ecodriving” is a driving style that can help reduce fuel consumption, extend an electric vehicle (EV)’s range, cut carbon emissions and lower accident rates in any vehicle, whether it is conventional, electric or a hybrid. Bob Saynor shares driving tips that will not only reduce emissions but save on fuel and costs too.

  1. Drive smoothly to conserve momentum: By anticipating the road and other drivers ahead, you can avoid unnecessary acceleration and deceleration, therefore conserving momentum and reducing fuel consumption.

  2. Change gear early:  When accelerating it is most efficient to change up through the gears as soon as your vehicle will comfortably take the next gear. The actual RPMs will depend on the vehicle, the load, the gradient of the road and more, but for a car this typically means changing up by around 2000rpm.

  3. Lift off and drive for free:  When slowing down, remain in gear but lift off the accelerator as early as possible.  You’ll then be engine braking, with the momentum of the vehicle turning the engine. In a petrol or diesel vehicle this activates the fuel-cut off switch, which reduces fuel flow to virtually zero.

  4. Avoid excessive speeding: High speeds increase fuel consumption. Travelling at 75mph in a petrol or diesel car will use around 18% more fuel than 60mph.

  5. Reconsider use of heating and air-conditioning:  Air-conditioning adds significantly to fuel consumption for all vehicles. Opening the windows incurs a much smaller penalty even at higher speeds. Heated seats and steering wheels in an EV use less energy than heating the entire vehicle.

  6. Know your vehicle’s eco features: Many modern vehicles have features that can help you conserve fuel or battery.

If you want to improve your Ecodriving, Ecodriving training is available for organizations.

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