Transition to Sustainable Fashion with its 7 Forms

According to Green Strategy, nowadays sustainable fashion is a topic of hot discussions and has an increasing coverage in media and art seminars across the globe. Companies gradually transform their business models to reduce environmental damage. Consumers, especially younger generation, prefer alternative fashion solutions with minimum harm to nature and the environment.

Green Strategy has specified the following 7 main forms of sustainable fashion of production and consumption:

  1. On demand and custom made (made to order, tailor-made, bespoke and DIY)

  2. Green and clean (for all phases of product’s lifecycle)

  3. High quality and timeless design

  4. Fair and ethical (including traditional production, artisan crafts and animal rights)

  5. Repair, redesign and upcycle

  6. Rent, lease ansd swap

  7. Secondhand and vintage.

Although ideally fashion products should be produced and consumed in the manner described above, in reality this is not the case yet. Therefore, consumers should aspire to find his or her form(s) of sustainable fashion, as all forms do not necessarily suit all people equally because of varying needs and preferences. Even though people should understand that fashion items produced in a more environmentally friendly manner may have a comparatively higher price tag.

All strategies promoting more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production and consumption are important steps towards a more sustainable industry.

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