New Plant-straws Are Available Now

Syuniq senior state inspector of Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources Gevorg Galstyan informs in his Facebook page that after studying thousands of plants, he has finally found a plant that will replace plastic straws.

In the telephone conversation with Ecostimule,Galstyan said that Mariam Sukhudyan suggested the idea during “Eco Grabage” event.

After studying thousands of plants, Galstyan found a plant which the Syuniki people call bambuk. Reading about the plant, he found out that it is actually a herb having beneficial qualities for liver. After testing 10 samples, he realized that the straw was ready to be consumed.

Galstyan was shocked with the response. He already has orders and some interesting business offers.

Each straw costs 50 AMD. The straws are for multiple use.

For further information call 093757221.

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